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The complexity and interdependence of today’s building systems makes achieving sensible and functional facilities increasingly more difficult. ViroCon has been providing clients with intelligent engineers and technicians with a hands-on approach to providing analytical skills to diagnose and solve problems to ensure building systems work.

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    Our goal is to present solutions that will positively impact your facility’s performance and reliability. This approach mitigates potential problems, solves problems when they occur, implements solutions, and verifies that the facility works.

    We work for government and private sector clients. Our team focuses primarily on critical, zero downtime environments, such as data centers, telecommunication facilities, research laboratories, healthcare facilities, and containment laboratories.

    Our specialists in HVAC, building automation systems, emergency and back-up power, fire protection and life safety systems, communication, building envelope, and security systems bring the expertise not typically available with conventional field services teams.

    We are a NEBB Certified firm and many of our team members are NEBB Certified Professionals in Building Systems Commissioning and Testing, Adjusting and Balancing.